Joining Less Neglect

January 27, 2013

It's official, I'm now part of the Less Neglect team. This marks the first job I got over a tweet. I've actually been part of the Less Neglect team for a while but Monday starts my official first "full-time" day."

It’s official, I’m now part of the Less Neglect team. This marks the first job I got over a tweet. I’ve actually been part of the Less Neglect team for a while but Monday starts my official first “full-time” day.

I really like they way we came together. A conversation over Twitter, a couple of small contracts, and drinks with Cory (one of the two co-founders) while on vacation with my family in San Diego. When we first casually talked about me joining the team, I was nervous about jumping back into normal employment again. However, there is nothing normal about Less Neglect, or any startup for that matter. I dated Less Neglect for a while (contracting) and truly believe in their mission; it made sense to join the team and I’m really excited about what we are building.

I’ll be working remote here in sunny Mesa, Arizona but I’ll be traveling to Santa Monica every couple of weeks.

A Career Change, Sort of…

One thing I’m really excited about is that I’ll be able to continue my mission of being programming language agnostic. I love C# and .NET; that’s where my career started. However there are so many new and exciting things out there that I’d never know about had I continued down my .NET career path. I look at a programming language as a tool to do a job and no two jobs are the same so having multiple tools to do various types of jobs makes a lot of sense. Sure you could specialize in something but I get bored by that. I’m a Do’er; don’t really care how, and never want to be limited by a programing language or framework.

Over the last month I’ve worked with Rails, RSpec, MongoDB, Redis, Web Sockets, Angular.js, Node.js, Python, PHP, Objective-C, C#, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, JQuery, Mocha, Sinon.js, Jasmine, SVG, D3.js, Lua and a couple more that I’m probably missing. I have experience in some of these but it has been awesome to bounce around these various tools because your job needs you to. It’s also nice to venture out beyond the Windows box.

The Future of Pay Pad

So what about Pay Pad for Stripe?

Ever had a baby? I’ve had 3 and Pay Pad is my 4th. Since August of 2012, I’ve watched Pad Pad grow to be an awesome app with almost 1,000 users. When I first built Pay Pad, I figured I’d be lucky with 50 or so downloads. I’m humbled by how well Pay Pad has done.

I’ll continue to add new features, like I have been. Pay Pad users have been really kind and have thrown great suggestions my way. I have plenty to work on between keeping up with Stripe’s new features, and adding new useful features that people want. Things like multi-account support and [redacted] are coming soon so keep an eye out.

Nearby Now/SideBox

Both still exist and are alive and well. Every week, we keep adding new customers. The product is amazing. It’s proven to help businesses. The customers that are on it, love it. It generates revenue. Google should buy it from us!

Keep in Touch

I’m still around. My home office is here. I say silly things here, and you can email me any time.


Not sure what Less Neglect is? I’ve written about it plenty. Said simply, Less Neglect is the customer analytics platform that you wish you had the time and money to build yourself. It’s addicting to watch your customer data in real-time and see how users are navigating inside of your app. The possibilities are endless. You are going to be able to provide customer service that your competition cannot. You need this.